Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking: Accelerate your project idea

Join the Smart Cities Marketplace team on March 21 for this year's spring online matchmaking event, where the programme will cover a variety of investment and financing topics for Smart City projects.

The SCM matchmaking focuses on knowledge sharing, capacity building, providing guidance and practical advice with the support of its community and its expanding Investor Network. The matchmaking support includes activities such as 1-to-1-consultancy deployed locally by our legal, financial, technical and governance experts, peer-to-peer exchanges, “Deal” meetings with investors, Financing Masterclasses, Matchmaking webinars and Matchmaking online info days, as well as Matchmaking events. 

The SCM matchmaking process facilitates and supports the development, financing, uptake, and upscaling of proven solutions in the areas of clean energy, sustainable mobility, and ICT to help communities, towns and cities accelerate the transition towards climate neutrality. 

Join the Smart Cities Marketplace team for this year's spring online matchmaking event to learn more about:

  • How to prepare the financial part of a project concept to make it more attractive for investors.
  • How to accelerate city-business cooperation to roll out smart and sustainable investment projects.
  • inspiring project concepts and strategic approaches for cities in transition.

This online event also offers the unique opportunity to get to know smart mobility solutions for cleaner, more sustainable and better connected cities. 

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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